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Here’s What I Said

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Scene: Gal, by herself. Manager is off for second day (because she just worked seven days straight). This is a job that three people–full-time–could do. There are two of us. We are that busy. We are more than that busy. On this day, as I worked from two computers and frantically input event information for […]

What Would You Have Said?

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Audience participation time! Read on. “Hello. Is this the private events office?” Yes, it is. “I want to book a private room for 30 people in April.” Great! What date in April? “Easter.” Hmm. How flexible are you with your time? I have an early brunch and a later dinner already booked. “Any time is […]

The Right Friends at the Right Time

Sometimes you don’t even know who your friends are. Oh sure, you know the friends who smile and say “How’s it goin’?” at work, every day. And you know the other, old friends who don’t call you anymore because you are a world away from them, every day. Then, on a day you’d rather call […]

But I’m Happy, You Know?

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When you have a reservation at a resort restaurant, you check in a half hour before your reservation time so you can get your table approximately 20 minutes past your reservation time. But RG, you ask, how is that a reservation? Trust me, in resort time, many reservations are a modest goal that hosts try […]

Spring Break!

I am off to Florida with Restaurant Gal Daughter for a few days. Mr. Restaurant Gal and Restaurant Gal Son have politely told us that they’d rather have extensive dental work performed than go to the land of Minnie and Mickey. Thus, my daughter and I are on our own, sporting pastel pedicures and new […]

Hello, I’ll Be Your Regular Today

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I am slowly but surely changing my ways. I no longer eat candy for breakfast. As a result, I have discovered yet another diet that allows me to keep my girlish figure–the eat-a-big-enough-breakfast-because-you-won’t-eat-any-food-the-rest-of-your-shift-until-you-get-home diet. It is amazing. Oh sure, there’s a half-hour “lunch” break written into my schedule–but please, let’s be real. It’s restaurant life […]

Grazing On Greener Grass

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“Why would we go there?” “Because they didn’t hire me.” “Yeah, so exactly why would we go there, then?” my girlfriend asked. She is willing to be a guinea pig at any place I choose for our bi-weekly night out, but she was definitely wondering about my latest suggestion. “Because. Curiosity. You know, how are […]

The Slow Bus to Somewhere

I gave up taking the subway for Lent. Okay, not really. But on a whim last week, I skipped the long, scary escalator descent into the underground and got on a bus I had no clue would get me anywhere close to work. I roughly knew the route, but not every twist and turn, not […]

Proposals and Passed Hors D’oeuvres

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It’s true, some very earnest folks out there are way ahead of the game and booking their December holiday parties. I am hanging on for dear life waiting for winter to be gone for good and the cherry blossoms to appear, and they are talking about poinsettia centerpieces. It’s like planning what to have for […]

Sixteen Going on Sixty

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“I want to make a reservation for my sweet sixteen party,” said the young woman, clearly on a cell phone, clearly on a cell phone inside a building that limited her coverage and made hearing her a little tough. “But it’s kind of last minute. For this weekend, around dinner time.” I was only a […]