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I’d Like to Sit Near My Horse, Please

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Friends and I recently dined at a spot located an hour away from my city in what used to be called “horse country.” The entire restaurant harks back to an era when horses ran this area, and the people who owned the horses ruled. This was a time when the social calendar was marked by […]

Don’t Talk to That Lady

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“Sit down, right there,” the mother directed her son and daughter, likely ages 8 and 10. They were clearly out-of-towners. “And don’t talk to anyone, ANYONE,” she almost scolded them. The kids scurried off to a nearby table, while Tourist Mom stood in front of me trying to figure out what to order. The cashier […]

So, How Would You Rate Me?

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My friend and I finally figured out a night when we could get together for dinner. She has a new job. I have a new job. We have to coordinate a multitude of logistics every time we want to see each other. Among many other things tonight was, when does she get off? When can […]

Common Sense Should Tell Me

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You are hungry. You pick a restaurant and head there at 7:30 on a Friday night. No reservation, no phone call ahead to gauge the wait. You just go. And you are unhappy when you can’t get past the podium without a pager and the promise of an hour wait. “But I see open tables!” […]

Milestone Lunch

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“Can you take my reservation?” asked the man, his voice a little shakey. I couldn’t tell if it was a bad cell connection or him. “Sure, I can help you with that,” I told him. “Oh, good, you can do this for me,” he said, sounding relieved. “Have you talked to someone else?” I asked, […]

Looking to the Sky to Save Me

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“Oh my God. Are these people ever going to sit down?” “I know. Overbooked, oversold. Takes forever to get ’em in and down.” **** “Oops, wrong button!” Giggling over the intercom. Halting safety announcement. “Oops!” More giggling. **** Enter a gate agent. “Why is she still here? We can do this ourselves. We know what […]

You Can’t Be a Hostess Forever

“As much fun as it is to live not knowing when you’ll be cut or how much your next paycheck will be, you can’t be a hostess forever, Restaurant Gal.” This from my right arm who left a few weeks ago. She got a sales job. She has a family to support. She loves the […]

Sweet Surrender

Some 18 months ago, I went to the dentist, keeping my twice-a-year appointment like clockwork. All was good, as always. Sure, I could floss a little more, but couldn’t everyone? Otherwise, perfection. “See you in six months,” said my hygienist. “It’ll be winter when I see you again, and we’ll complain about the cold,” said […]