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Gimme, Gimme

( Guests )

“Gimme a table in that section,” says the man, gesturing nonchalantly toward an area of the dining room that is completely full. “Gimme a pager then, I’ll wait,” he says, when he is told that no tables are available. He is not rude, really. He is not impatient, actually. But he grates on my nerves, […]

On Angels’ Wings

I ponder death every time I fly. I try not to dwell on it. Sometimes, I do. Like when the gate agent says, “Have a safe flight.” What, she couldn’t say, “Have a nice flight.” She has to use the word, “safe”? Fine. My low-grade fear, however, does not keep me from flying. I love […]

Crazy Eddie–His Prices Are INSANE!

Crazy Eddie. Heard of him? If you live in the northeast and are of a certain generational vintage, you most certainly have. His were the ads for absolutely every type of late 1970s and early 1980s “cutting-edge” electronic equipment, from stereo speakers to, well, whatever you could buy back in the day. You couldn’t ignore […]

My, My, Where Has the Time Gone?

I thought Restaurant Gal’s first year anniversary was coming up soon, but I wasn’t sure exactly when. Next week? This Thursday? Turns out, it was last Sunday. So, there we are. And here I am: three restaurants, two job titles, 194 posted posts, two serious media inquiries, a lot of links, thousands of reads a […]

Little Hands, Big Help

Fridays are busy. I like busy. Fridays can be challenging. I like a challenge. Fridays can bring out the best and the worst in everyone–both guests and staff. Sure, so what? This Friday was a bit edgier than many I remember. Maybe it was because I had to train two staff members at the same […]

Substitution Hell

No one wants to mess with a food allergy. Restaurant proprietors would like their guests to leave their establishments fat and happy, not covered in hives or gasping for breath in an ambulance. In the restaurants I’ve worked, even a hint of an allergy issue from a patron–“It’s not an allergy, but could you leave […]

Welcome, Mayor

( Guests )

When Mr. Restaurant Gal and I were first married, our apartment-sized home was one of 20 or so identical ones in an L-shaped neighborhood consisting of two streets connected by a cul-de-sac. Many of the families could measure their time in this neighborhood in decades-generations, really. But, this was Mr. Restaurant Gal’s first house, one […]

Scammers…Or Merely Problem Children?

How do you know who’s looking to con a restaurant out of a free meal, and who is an innocent guest who would rather not have her salad garnished with a strand of hair? Anastasia recently wrote “Ask The Gal” to inquire about the best way to judge which patrons deserve a comped meal. She […]

Gracias, El Nino

Today dawned already warm–even by April or May standards. By mid morning, it was 68 degrees, with the promise of balmy 70s by early afternoon. I am not worried about the reasons why our winter has been warmer than usual. I am not worried about this summer-like day in January. Why not? Because the snow […]

Am I Good Enough For You?

“What’s that room named for again?” asked one of our best hosts as he headed back to the podium. He is home from college for a month, and he only just started at my restaurant, but he works like a pro twice his age. “What room?” I asked him, not looking up. I was distracted […]