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If I Wrote the Blog For…

…the Chinese restaurant with the concrete lions out front, I’d get tired of writing about how I told the 2,765th guest, “Hey, tell your kids not to climb on the lions!” …the real estate agent for a house I often pass on my now-rare walks that has been on the market for two years, I’d […]

When the Worst Becomes the Best

I am not going to lie. Today positively, absolutely, 100 percent…could have been a hell of a lot better. No, it wasn’t the half-baked, almost-but-not-quite-good review online that cursed the day. No, it wasn’t the reserved happy hour gone crazy that made me crazy. No, it wasn’t spending hours fixing the reserved happy hour’s bill […]

Road Trip for One

I walk through a cavernous hotel lobby every morning and every night en route to the subway or to retrieve my car. At first, I saw no one in this world within a world; I wallowed, instead, in my own work madness and newness. But in the past month, I have taken a moment to […]

With This Ring…

( Guests )

I am a sucker for anything that smacks of romance–first date, blind date, 95th date–whatever. But nothing beats a proposal of marriage. So when the notes in one Open Table reservation read: “I am proposing tonight. It’s a surprise,” I had to double check that against another set of reservation notes that stated: “We are […]

When You’re Out of Touch

“I want to work as many days as you can give me,” said one of our more experienced servers. “When I’m off, I don’t really do anything.” Really. “So, could you go to the dentist for me?” I asked, laughing. “Sure!” he replied, laughing. “Could you run a billion loads of laundry for me?” I […]