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One Crazy Interview

“You must be The Gal,” smiled the GM. She was behind the bar, alone. “I am waiting for my night person to arrive,” she gestured to the shelves of bottles behind her. “Then we can talk. I have your resume, though.” I perched at the bar and watched this GM pour drinks, chat with regulars, […]

And Now, Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Whew! Who knew writing and posting satire could be so–interesting? Let’s just say that Miss Betty and Miss Nancy and Big Al’s Pizza Palace II are my imaginary friends and workplace who helped to make my unexpected landing out there in the real world a bit softer. After the stupid crap I’ve dealt with recently–online […]

In My Perfect World…

“If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.” –Jimmy Buffet In a flash, in a moment, all that was past is past, and my future begins. I will have to learn much, and I will have to be patient. But Miss Nancy tells me, “You will get it. I’ll make sure of it.” If […]

Time Out

In the past four months, I have spent very little time doing little else than work. I saw Restaurant Gal Daughter during Parents Weekend in October, which was great. Other than that, when friends and family came to town, they had to come to the restaurant to see me and I them. Mr. Restaurant Gal […]

So Long, Farewell

Last day on the job. Should be…what? Eventful? Meaningful? Yeah, not really. A new assistant manager stepped in. She’s good, I can tell. Knows her stuff. We would have had fun together. Maybe. These days, I don’t know up from down, truth from fiction, lies from “just kidding.” My coworker told me I had one […]

Know When To Fold ‘Em

It’s true, I feel compelled to quote a Kenny Rogers song. “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” Honestly, I am a music junkie, and I don’t quote my songs lightly. But Kenny kind of sums it up perfectly, doesn’t he? I have four honest, intense passions in my […]

Podium to Podium

“You gonna be busy tonight?” asked our regular valet. I was holding the door for him as he pushed his unwieldy ‘portable’ podium out front. “Quiet to start, then look out between 7 and 9,” I told him, helping him give his podium a final push toward the sidewalk. “Good, good, I like busy,” he […]

Mama Always Said–Never Out a Blogger

I’m over it, now. Mostly. I’m still employed. Thankfully. Restaurant Gal Daughter periodically uses a great phrase, which I think is appropriate here: “Thank you, Captain Obvious.” For the record, Captain Obvious, it is incredibly bad form–nay, it is the absolute worst kind of form–to out a blogger who clearly wishes to be anonymous. That’s […]

Ladies Who Lunch

( Guests )

“That’s my car!” shouted the guest, one of six ladies who’d made a late afternoon reservation and then arrived late. Ladies who lunch. I remember my most favorite teacher ever–my 6th grade teacher–who later turned up as a substitute teacher to my kids in elementary school, who turned out to be only nine years older […]

Wardrobe Malfunction and Other Saturday Night Fun

( Guests )

At 10:22 p.m., the woman at table 421 bared her breast. She was attempting to not-so-covertly show her friends her “done” breasts by spreading apart the cloth covering said breasts, when one of them simply and completely popped out. I’d love to regale everyone with a tale of debauchery and shock, but by 10:22 p.m. […]