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Are the Stars Out Tonight?

( Guests )

Yes, on a Monday, of all nights. First there was the food critic–not a foodie posting on a blog–they’ve been coming in since day one. No, this one is an actual widely read restaurant critic. We kind of figured he’d be in this week, since we’ve been open almost a month. And as we all […]

Quietly Taking a Few Days Off

Two things: Parents’ Weekend. My birthday. Much more excited about the first than the second. But how cool that I am off for the first time in too many years to see my baby (Restaurant Gal Daughter) on my actual birthday. Can’t wait to get on the plane to Colorado and feel cramped amongst the […]

Breathe, Just Breathe

To observe that the past few days have been a roller-coaster experience would be the understatement of the week. Will I be “talked to” about something else I’ve done wrong or not enough of? Will I have to keep begging for private party menus and details to send to people so I can really sell […]

I Already Know the Answer

I brought in a lot of revenue to the restaurant this evening, on what would otherwise have been a dead Monday. It’s all relative. No one else is happy about it. Chef thinks I spend too much time on private events–you know, the actual bottom-line money makers. Fine. Say all you want that you don’t […]

I Own This Place!

( Guests )

The going-away party in the PDR was in full swing on Wednesday. And it was going well. Except the going-away girl had the same first name as my older-than-dirt cat, and I found myself constantly referring to her aloud with the same intonation that I use for said cat when he is getting on my […]