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The Proper Topper

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When Restaurant Gal Daughter and Son were learning to drive, their grandmother–Mr. Restaurant Gal’s mother–counseled them with this advice: “Beware of old men wearing hats.” This surprised me. Our Nana grew up in the era when all men wore hats–old men, young men, every man. You know the hat, at least from the vintage clothing […]

Lovers’ Lane

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“Oh no, don’t look,” said one of our evening hosts a few nights ago. Of course, we all looked where she was looking. And there they were–another romantic couple without a care in the world that the host staff, managers, back wait staff, and pretty much everyone else in the restaurant could see them. Booth […]

Hot Lunch

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“You all are open? For lunch?” We only just started our lunch service two weeks ago. “Yes, this is our second full week,” I told the couple. “Would you like to see a menu?” And for the first and what wouldn’t be the last time today, I coaxed guests into accepting our menu concept and […]

Maybe This Time

When all hell is breaking loose around you, sometimes you just need to go home. Last week, I went back to my old restaurant and hugged one of my favorite downstairs bartenders until I couldn’t hug him any harder. I didn’t tell him what was in store for me. I just told him times were […]

Tomorrow’s Star

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“I’d like to make a reservation for tonight, please,” said the voice of someone I figured to be a 12- to 14-year-old boy. I was in the office, answering phones, feeling kind of okay because I’d walked an hour-and-a-half to get to work, and I was still in my sweats and not a suit. That […]

Just a Box of Rain

What can you make of your GM being a no call, no show–since Monday? I have spent many hours worrying. Crying. I have left several heartfelt voice mails. To no avail. I have felt very, very angry. And betrayed. And I have felt very, very sad. …A box of rain will ease the pain, And […]

The Slow Learner Curve

I ran food to the food critic’s table (Yes, he was in again tonight–third time in a week). He smiled and thanked me. I wasn’t even nervous. He’s actually very nice. I made the elaborate surprise birthday a complete and total success–as in, we absolutely surprised her, and her significant other was thrilled with how […]

Sign Here

Many signs in my path the past few days. Sign One: I lost my subway pass, the one I kept in a nifty little ID case along with my former office ID. I’ve had that thing for years, kept it even after I left the office job. I derived great pleasure by looking at the […]

Do Worker Bees Have More Fun?

Somebody help me here. In the end, who’s happier? Management: Long hours, longer weeks, much weight on one’s shoulders. Worker Bee: Fewer hours, stricter schedule, shoulders know no weight. Management: Those above you question your ability to manage. Those below you question your ability to manage. Worker Bee: You can bitch all you want about […]

Lulled to Dream

I had the most wonderful dream. The day dawned sunny and warm, but not hot. The lunch shift showed up on time and no one complained about anything. I sensed one server was not feeling well, and I asked if he’d like to head home. He did, happily. We quietly opened the doors for lunch, […]