Things That Really Matter

Posted on Saturday 30 September 2006

My no-good-very-bad-day at work.

Doesn’t matter.

My upset about anything work related.

Doesn’t matter.

My having made a new friend.


My very dear friend’s son arriving home from Iraq, after seven months.

Really matters.

Some days, you only have to look at one degree of separation to get it.

Welcome Home, Pat! You have no idea how happy we are.

You have no idea what this means to your mom and dad.

Love, The Gal

3 Comments for 'Things That Really Matter'

    September 30, 2006 | 11:35 am

    Oh, so true! The perspective is everything!

    October 1, 2006 | 4:55 pm

    The Gal makes a very good point! and welcome hope Pat =)

    October 2, 2006 | 1:17 pm

    I am so jealous of Pat and his family. After 8 months in Iraq, my younger brother was killed when an IED engulfed him in flames (12/27/83-07/21/06). He was supposed to be home December 1st. Please hug Pat tightly and whisper in his ear how very proud and grateful we are for him, his service, and his safe return.

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