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Everyone’s In On This Act

“I have to tell you about my experience making a reservation,” Mr. Restaurant Gal said when I called home to see what was up in the late afternoon, knowing I wouldn’t be home before 10 p.m. “Oh, okay. What?” This is not a usual topic of conversation for us. “I have to tell you about […]

First Day–Be Prepared

At one moment today, sometime between 11:32 a.m. and 6:27 p.m., I realized I was subsisting on a handful of soggy French fries soaked in malt vinegar and a nibble of Sweet Tarts stashed in my briefcase. Yes, that’s right, my briefcase. Restaurant Gal had to bring a briefcase to work? Restaurant Gal actually owns […]

Go West!

Ten days ago I told my managers I was looking for my next opportunity. Monday, not even a week later, I was riding the bus to another part of town to say goodbye to one of my favorite bartenders who also works part-time at my restaurant. I wouldn’t see him again before I left. Before […]

I’ll Still Be Right Here

I took the job. The assistant manager job at the fine-dining place. In the words of Ricky Ricardo, “Lucy, what have you done now?” Well, I am confident it’s going to be great, terrific, unbelievable. That is, after I have read all the wine books, learned layers of fine-dining lingo, crammed for martini menu class, […]

I Know Everything

“Restaurant Gal, you’re the maitre d’ here, right?” asked the mother of a family of three who I had just seated in a booth in the bar area. Dad was reading a map; Mom was marveling at how we still had a smoking section and taking full advantage of it; Daughter was looking over a […]

Job Interview Gone Wild

I don’t know which question slammed me more: “Why are you applying for the host job and not the assistant manager position?” -or- “Am I talking to Restaurant Gal?” Yeah, no contest. Am I really ready to be a manager? Ha Ha. Only kidding. What I mean is, am I ready to work for someone […]

Girls’ Lunch Out

( Guests )

Quick–what do 2:30 p.m., Friday, and August add up to? That’s right, an afternoon off. And with that exact combination in place last Friday, a party of nine ladies ladies was clearly enjoying every minute of TGIF. “Say, Restaurant Gal, you’re here every day, right?” asked the most jovial of the bunch. “Well, every weekday.” […]

Accepting a Gift–With Grace

It’s done so smoothly on screen. The maitre d’ of a fine-dining establishment acknowledges a last-minute, important customer and provides the perfect table for him and his guests. A subtle, brief hand shake is exchanged. The maitre d’ nods once more toward his guest and wishes everyone a nice evening–with a 20-spot or higher in […]


I have lead a double life these past few weeks. Yes, I have worked the podium from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Before and after, however, I have been operating under another identity: Private Event Planning Gal. And I love it. Love it. You see, the full-time private event manager took an impromptu vacation. I […]

Busted–Here’s Your Pager

( Pagers )

I have a love-hate thing going with my pagers. I hate them because they resemble mutant stun guns. Eight out of 10 customers joke about this, and I have heard that joke one too many times to smile at it with real sincerity. I love them because they resemble mutant stun guns and customers spend […]