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Hey You–Out!

“Hey, Restaurant Gal, could you pretend to be a manager and ask this guy who is begging money from my customers to get out?” This from one of the female bartenders. Um, sure. I know just how intimidating I can seem in my peach-colored DKNY pleated skirt and coordinating cute jewelry. I’m on it. Adorable […]

My Compliments to the Chef

There’s the theory that those who bitch the loudest get what they want first. It’s true, customer complaints are acted on fast at my restaurant. However, in a place as busy as ours, the biggest surprise to me is the relatively low number of complaints we actually receive during any given shift. On the flip […]

Fourth Frenzy, Redux

Very busy today, but we handled it. Restaurant Gal Daughter and I dressed almost alike in lots of blue, a touch of white, and we painted our nails red. We never did this when she was younger. Actually, we never dressed alike–ever–until today. Good Lord, what has happened to us? But, in its way, it […]

Monday Mania, Fourth Frenzy

“Nah, we won’t be busy today,” my counterpart told me. “We only have 30 reservations in the book.” “Even though it’s almost like a holiday weekend?” I challenged. My counterpart knows a lot, but I was pretty sure he was wrong about this. “Nope. People are off work, and the fireworks crowd won’t be around […]

Why Didn’t You… Why Did You…

The good news is, I didn’t quit on Friday. The bad news is, Friday was a pretty horrible day. I can sum up the tone and malaise of the day by the following few examples of the too many “WHY” questions I was asked as I greeted and helped arrange seating for 450-plus: “Why can’t […]