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About Those Hand Signals

Ask The Gal has struck a nerve, so here’s topic number two. Heidi wants to know: Is it really so bad to hold up two fingers while you are politely chirping, “Two, please.” I was a waitress and bartender for years, and like to think I treat waiters and bartenders well because of that. But […]

Call It Crazy

My favorite manager came to work for days on end with a bum foot, never complaining, until it got so bad he went to the doctor. The doc said, “Stay off of it for a week. Take antibiotics. Then we’ll see if it needs surgery.” Surgery? He came to work a few days later, anyway. […]

Ask The Gal

Many look to Restaurant Gal for advice on all manner of restaurant subjects: table etiquette, menu concerns, service and gratuity issues, and the like. I am here to help. Periodically, I will publish readers’ questions or comments, followed by my incredibly insightful responses. (I reserve the right to edit all questions, however, as well as […]

Here’s To Ya!

Friday was insane–500-and-counting covers, and we were short by two hosts. Managers were on a tear to make everyone tow the line. I had my PA–Performance Appraisal–in the afternoon. It was fine, but just the idea of one is nerve-wracking. I finally headed home, walking my usual walk. The parrots were out again on their […]

Excuses of the Day For…

( Guests )

…bringing in outside food. A guy comes in to meet five others already seated. He is carrying a soda and paper bag from one of the carry-out Tex-Mex places nearby. “Hi. I am here to meet my friends. They’re already here.” He pauses as he sees me and my seater staring, speechless, at his over-stuffed […]