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I Have Been That Customer!

( Guests )

A friend who just started reading this blog, despaired at the descriptions of some of our guests. “I have been that customer, I know I have,” she admitted. No, I don’t think so. Not THAT customer. I wouldn’t have friends–never will–who are THAT customer. I have been out with acquaintances or former coworkers who behave […]

Lost and Never Found

( Guests )

There is one absolute if you work in a restaurant: You will never need to buy an umbrella. A dozen or so are left behind every week–on tabletops, in seats, under tables, on coat hooks–even on days when it’s not raining! Sometimes, a person comes back several days later to claim one, offering this description: […]

Spring Breakdown

( Guests )

Hi folks. I understand you are on Spring break. I understand this entitles you to wear shorts and tank tops and just about anything else that screams, “I am not a person who hails from a city.” (Or at least this city.) I understand you may feel a bit more relaxed, more jovial, more inclined […]

Keep It Even, Fold It Straight

A cute young guy who clearly struggles with some learning challenges has come in several times to apply for a job. Speaking under pressure is tough for him, and on these occassions he mostly has pointed upstairs and said, “I am here for a manager, for a job.” I have felt kind of sorry for […]

Crabs in a Barrel, Baby

I had to have a meeting yesterday afternoon with the hostess with the leastess and the general manager (GM), per the GM’s request. Another, more minor confrontation had occurred. “Can you work together?” he wanted to know. I looked at her sad, bassett hound expression across the table. She wiped a tear. “No need to […]

A Straw With that Bottle?–or–Tough Day at the Podium, Dear?

Although most of the slacker co-workers I wrote about in an earlier post have fled, the manager in charge of host hiring snuck another one in on us. He is of the opinion, I guess, that a warm body is better than no body when short staffed. I disagree, but I am not a manager. […]

Playing Church

Religion alert. If you are a Catholic, or even an Episcopalian, you will get this immediately. If you are neither, well, it’s all innocent fun. The coffee shop across the street started selling “nostalgia” candy this week–Boston Baked Beans and the like. I couldn’t help myself. I bought a roll of Necco Wafers. (For those […]

Rainy Days and Mondays

( Guests )

Mondays. A rainy Monday at that. Yesterday, however, we had a steady stream of conventioneers, tourists, and regulars. I marveled at how easy it is to meet and greet 300 covers when they space themselves out in 3- to 5-minute increments. (Visit my foyer at noon on a Friday–like multiple buses letting all the famished […]

A Nice Surprise

I was recognized by management as the first “employee of the month” of our recently opened eatery. I was suprised and touched to be so acknowledged. But I was also a tad uncomfortable. I am new to this business, and although I do my best, I am constantly amazed by how veteran servers, managers, and […]