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You Talkin’ To Me?

( Guests )

Sir. You wearing the beret. Standing directly in front of my podium. I see you, and I assure you I know you want a table. Fanning a menu in my face is not necessary to gain my attention. Madam. My hearing is quite keen. When I tell you I don’t see your name in our […]

Booths from Hell

( Guests )

Everyone wants a booth. “Can I have a booth?” “Any booths left?” “A booth would be great.” Okay, okay, we get it. So, the designers of my recently opened restaurant installed booths all over the place–some seat four, some can take on 5, others comfortably hold 6 adults. Thus, no shortage of booths in any […]

Table for One

( Guests )

It is incredibly easy to write about restaurant customers who irritate and aggravate. Although they are actually a tiny minority of the hundreds I see each day, they tend to inspire unending prose! Mostly, customers come and go in unremarkable waves, neither standing out nor striking fear and loathing. But a few are fantastic, and […]

I Saw You Earlier Today

( Guests )

You got on the bus early this morning and asked the driver for a paper transfer. He told you the electronic fare card would automatically calculate the transfer on the next bus. “No it won’t. I need the paper,” you told him. “Ma’am, really, the fare card takes care of it. Trust me.” “I want […]

They Are Like Fleas

( Guests )

A bit of history: Six years ago, we took a bare-bones trip to Amsterdam with our teenagers. We were booked into a so-called two-star hotel that was only a slight step above a hostel–and I am confident many of those would have been better. (The perils of online booking back then.) My husband and I […]

Everyone’s Irish

( Guests )

Having just survived greeting, managing, and planning seating for more than 650 people today at lunch, I have a couple of holiday greetings for a special few: To the folks lined up at 8 a.m. to get into the Irish bar up the street: Wow! Long day, eh? I think you stopped by my place […]

Trade Show in Town

( Guests )

Love the conventioneers, mostly. They wander for blocks, usually in packs, lured by the reputation of a revitalized entertainment and restaurant area, an ever-shrinking ethinc area, and the prospect of eating something other than mini-danish meeting fare or hotel food. Yesterday, they found us in a big way. Oddly enough, this group–technology geeks and all […]

Actually, I Am the Daughter of No One

Our restaurant attracts all kinds of sports and entertainment figures–not every day, but on a regular basis. But, we have our own daughter of a celebrity personality, who works in the office. I love her. She is unassuming, doesn’t take anything from anyone, and works hard. She is also in college, finishing up. Now, page […]