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How Your Friends Really See You

( Guests )

Customers often arrive without someone in their party, or they are meeting someone who is already there. Our restaurant’s policy is to seat people right away, which means we take names and connect everyone as they arrive. The exchange with me often goes like this: Customer: Table for four, please. Me: (This is a walk-in […]

Careful, the Real You is Showing

( Guests )

Family therapists take note: If you really want to understand the dynamics of your client’s relationship with his/her family, hang out by my podium. Doesn’t have to be a busy day or night, the behavior will be the same. Patron One: Older, attractive woman arrives with adult daughter and several grandchildren. I smile and say […]

Separate Checks

( Guests )

Separate checks–the bane of the waiter/waitress. But just how separate can one be? Couple of examples last week: One bowl of the soup of the day– “Could we have three bowls and split it three ways, on three checks?” Two hamburgers, one Coke– “Split the soda on separate checks, please.” The waiter gave that table […]

Tell the Lady!

( Guests )

Big-deal kids’ show at the arena today. The minute the event ended, my foyer filled with moms, grandparents, and countless little girls (it was a princess show). Most had to wait, and they were pretty tame about it. I liked putting the kids’ names on the wait list so they could hear their own names […]

I Was Here First!

( Guests )

My foyer fills up with dozens and dozens of people by noon. Kind of hard to tell who’s first in line when they form a tight knot at the podium. But most of our patrons are pretty respectful and defer to those before them. Most, that is. For some reason, today and yesterday have been […]

Did You See…?

( Guests andVIPs )

Valentine’s Day lunch. Crazy day at the restaurant. People may be in love, but they are also hungry and surly, or surly because they are hungry. In comes a couple clearly not from my city–these folks look very West Coast. He–sunglasses, tight designer jeans, expensive T-shirt. She–the same, minus the sunglasses. We are just coming […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

( Guests )

They came for lunch in droves, clad in pink, red, or some combination, carrying amazing assortments of balloons, flowers, stuffed animals, and giant boxes of candy. You could tell that for some, this was a make-it or break-it day in the relationship (nervous smiles from him, arrogant glances from her). For others, you just knew […]

Dressing Like a Hostess

I forget the name of the TV show. Could have even been a re-run of something. But the gist of the conversation between two women was this zinger: “And she was wearing an outfit that screamed ‘restaurant hostess.’” Uh oh. Is that what I scream to the office workers and tourists who stop at my […]

Oh, You Work Here?

Worlds often collide, and it’s usually okay when it happens. “Oh, you work here?” Pause, smile. “That’s great. What happened with the magazine?” “Oh, you work here?” Pause, kind-of smile. “But you’re still writing, right?” “Oh, you work here?” Pause, another pause. “Oh.” “Oh, you work here?” No pause. “You just left the magazine and […]

Got Two

( VIPs )

So, now that I know you, can you get me a couple of tickets? Not that I would ever ask…