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Kids Today!

The host staff I work with ranges in age from 19 to 26, with the exception of the other daytime maitre ‘d, who is my age. One of the 21-year-olds we work with has nicknamed him Grandpa. When I told her that must make me “Grandma,” she replied, “Oh no! Remember, you’re only 34!” Uh, […]

Duck and Cover

( Guests )

Why do people throw things? At people they don’t know? In public? I greet 300 to 600 people every shift, five days a week. So a couple of wanna-be pitchers isn’t that many in the grand scheme. But geez. Tossed item #1: A pager. At me, roughly neck-high, but I dodged it with a nifty […]

First Course

Here’s the beginning of the story of Restaurant Gal. I was in the writing/editing biz for 20+ years—some years as a freelancer, others as a staff person. My latest stint was managing editor of a trade magazine. I know, I know. Boring. Ugh. That’s not “real” journalism. But it was a travel magazine. Okay, we […]